Monday, 18 May 2015

Some large format images and further ponderings.

These days I find myself taking quite a lot of 'old man with big camera' style photos which is distinctly uncool. I have to apologise but I think I am just naturally uncool anyway.  Thankfully I haven't resorted to wearing a fisherman's hat and three quarter length shorts with sandals, but sometimes I can understand the practicality of it! Not really. However, I do think it's something do with using large format which has negated a lot of the quickfire stuff I used to do. It's either that, or I am just facing my own mortality by taking old man style pictures in old man style places.

A couple years back I used to live way up in the North Downs in real farmland country. These days I am back down on the flats (I am literally a couple miles from the Romney Marsh which is like looking at a naturally formed spirit level) with more civilisation and the landscape doesn't have that same kind of primal and ethereal human touch weirdness to it. Things always looked different, or least they gave off the feeling that they could somehow be viewed differently with a camera, even if physically they stayed the same, or their real life impression suggested otherwise. I don't quite get that same feeling with the things around me at the moment.

I can't put it all down to location as in part I also think I'm working a little against my own instincts a lot of the time. One of the things I notice myself doing, which I shouldn't be, is that when I come across a well lit scene, I can't help but take a very average or basic appropriation of that scene. I suspect this is because I know that I'll be able to get this very pristine negative out of it, and it ends up being like a record or something archival. So in some ways, I feel like i'm photographing because I want to see it as an unencumbered photograph, not as an interesting image. It's a habit I need to break out of and certainly I need to start pushing the boat out a bit more as well as mixing up my techniques a little bit.