Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Large Format Tests Continue

I'd like to think that I may have mastered this large format business by now but I've only shot a total of 20 shots so far, which is a really small number in the grand scheme of things, considering it probably takes hundreds, if not thousands, to actually achieving a level of competency. Recently I acquired an old analog Pentax Spotmeter V to help me correctly meter scenes for exposure. Ansel Adams used one for his Zone System method of exposure, and it's famous for its high level of accuracy when metering, which he used to spectacular effect. It's a useful tool but I don't quite know how to utilise it to its fullest potential right now. It's another thing to learn but Adams' book, The Negative is very useful for such learning.

On top of all my muddy amateur fumblings and trying not get shot at by angry farmers, I still haven't sorted my development problems so I'm going to have to troubleshoot that problem till I find the 100% foolproof solution. Anyway, here's the latest couple of shots.

I got a lot of glare from the sun on the left and the top right is blotchy because of uneven development. I'll probably give this shot another go at some point. 

This is a interesting one. I used a strong red filter and it bleached out much of the dark texture on the battery, without overexposing it, creating this kind of strange, ghostly effect. I expected a high contrast image but this outcome was unexpected. It's actually given me a couple ideas.