Sunday, 14 December 2014

Nocturne Club Progress

I'm making some fairly decent progress on this scene. I'm using it primarily as an opportunity to play around with lighting and texturing which means at times, not much happens except me typing numbers into little boxes, which is probably the opposite of what you really want to be doing when it comes to lighting and texturing, but all the tweaking does at least end up being worth the effort.

At first I really over complicated the lighting in this one. I had far too much illumination for a night time shot, and though it's not something you'd expect from CG, reducing the complexity made it work work much better. Though, it wasn't until a day or so ago that I finally feel like I cracked the lighting properly. It's not surprising that I feel this scene works much better in black and white. While some of that is personal preference making me slightly biased, I also think the methodology behind the lighting it coming into play as well. I've purposely lit the scene as if it were a shot which needed to work in black and white, and if you desaturate the image you'll see what I mean. I'll stick to colour for this one though.

I don't know if I'll ever be truly happy with this scene, because there are things I did a year and a half ago that I wouldn't do now, but I'd rather work with what I've got than build again from scratch. There's a massive amount I'm going to change and add. The textures are far too clean, so I'm going to apply a grime and dirt layer which will help break up some of tiling and also provide a bit more realism. I haven't worked on specular maps either, which is producing some undesirable results. The poster/billboards aren't final so excuse the desperately unoriginal Coke and Kodak ones. The Armour sign was intended to be a little hint about my next big project, but I'm likely to ditch it. Other than the obviously unfinished parts, the last major flaw is probably the blown out lettering on the sign which I'll fix a little bit closer to end. I'm aiming to have it all completed some point next week, and then move on to something new.