Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Owl: A small animation update

This has turned into quite a big project. Bigger than I planned, but better quality overall. It's been a long time since I produced an entirely CG animation and it feels good to come back because I couldn't help but be a little jaded for a while about CG. The truth is, that while a bit cumbersome, working in 3D animation is some of the most satisfying work you'll produce. I think it's easier (not easy!) to make things look cool and swoosh around in After Effects, but takes more patience and skill to do the same in 3D software, and the results really can't be replicated in any 2D software. Although, the downside is that it takes a lot of bloody time!

The results of your work are not immediate. I'm creating a bottle neck in my workflow, where I can only render out so much at once, and then have to sacrifice more working equipment to comp it together. It's all time you're essentially losing, but I've mitigated it quite a lot by working across two machines. It's fine if you have a few big sweeping shots, but as I'm dealing with over 50 individual shots you can imagine things get a bit clogged up from time to time. I mean, even while writing this blog post, I could be animating, or sorting out files, or comping, or rendering!

The good news is I have nearly 40 shots animated, rendered and comped. Although there's at least five or six I intend to redo, which of course means, re-animating, re-rendering and re-comping. Aside from all that, part of my hesitation of showing more animation, is that I think the main draw is going to be how I've made all these very static models move in different ways, hence why I'm only showing off snippets. The surprising thing is I'm actually quite satisfied with the quality of the work I'm producing. You can take this as a positive sign, or a sign of work-induced, music-psychosis delusion. Anyway, here's a smidgen more animation

(Ignore the glitch at the end if you see it)


tutorphil said...

Love this post, Tom - and these snippets are truly exciting. This is not an inconsiderable project - a labour of love - but I suspect it's going to bring more eyes to your particular brand of restrained, artful cgi. Rest assured I will be all over this upon completion and ensure it gets the exposure it deserves! Keep going. You're making something special :)