Monday, 17 November 2014

Owl: Images for flickering sequences.

If you cast your mind way back to the good ol' days you'll remember I produced a rough animatic very early on in this project. Back then, in those unspecified good ol' days, I was reasonably happy with what I concocted. Since then I have endeavored to keep of much of the editing ideas of that animatic in the final piece, especially in terms of the structure and pace. I would say the final animation is going to be 85% accurate to that original animatic. The visuals are very different of course, but in that animatic I really liked the sequences where images shuffled quickly one frame at a time. It was always my intention to keep those sequences in but in a more polished, less haphazard form, which is what you see below. 

Where are the images from? Where else? Like almost everything in this animation, they're from the very first set of marker pen sketches. It's amazing how much mileage I got out of such a simple set of drawings. I used an expression in After Effects so you should (law of averages notwithstanding) never see the same combination of images twice.

You may have also noticed, it's not 3D animation. Which can only mean one thing. While there's a lot of work still to do, and I wouldn't want to bet money on it, but Owl will be finished next week. I will update in the coming days.


tutorphil said...

delicious! :)