Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Owl: Latest set of renders.

NB: Visuals aren't final. There are lots of things to change and tweaks to made before final rendering. Consider these images as just a rough indication of how the final shot will look.

I've was a bit unhappy with certain aspects of the renders. As I've never done this sort of thing before, the process has been very trial and error. Sometimes I think I've found something that works, but on another scene I discover something new and then have the desire to go back to the other scenes and alter the lighting and materials with these new ideas and processes. Here's the latest batch of test shots, with a few more to come soon. Some work better than others but hopefully now you can really get a feel for the visual style.


tutorphil said...

They look stunning, Tom - and suddenly so creepy somehow - or rather uncanny; there's a Crewdson-feel to some of those images - a sense of intelligences at work in nature, or rather extra-terrestial intelligences... really very tantalising! Let me know re. access to computers etc... the students don't come back until the 22nd of September, though Maya 2015 is now on the machines... drop me an email :)

Tom Beg said...

Thanks, I shall do that.

Tom Beg said...