Saturday, 5 April 2014

Owl: Infrared Photography Part 2 - Redux!

After rescanning with the goal of retrieving as much highlight detail as possible, I managed to get something a lot more usable from the last set of negatives. Half the problem was that I was scanning all the frames at once and not treating each frame on a case by case basis. That's impatience for you. In my defence, when developing film it's hard to not be impatient!

They will never be completely fixable but I'm much happier with them now. Metering at ISO 3 does work, but the IR effect is too extreme for my liking. These very surreal images could prove useful at some point. Maybe as potential dissolves into other scenes or overlays.  It's good to now than overexposure wont destroy a negative, but it takes away a lot of the balance of an image.

At least now, I'm much more aware of how an infrared scene might potentially look as a photograph, so can more easily estimate the amount of exposure compensation needed depending on the situation. This of course varies with the differing infrared light bouncing around,  but I'd imagine in normal, sunny conditions this isn't a hugely variable amount.