Thursday, 3 April 2014

Owl: Infrared Photography - Part 1

This being the first time I've used notoriously tricky IR film, I'm very happy that for the most part I got everything I wanted and expected. Dark skies peppered with luminous clouds and brilliant white foliage. In some instances it's might even be a little bit too strong.

Every image here was metered at ISO 6 through an opaque filter and I got a very strong IR effect. The second part will be images shot at ISO 3, which judging by the lack of detail in the grass, I fear may have pushed it a bit too far, but we shall see.

I've got to start thinking about how this could possibly become part of my animation, but I think juxtaposing this dreamy daylight world against the deep black of night could yield something interesting.


tutorphil said...

looks fab, Tom! Somehow that top image has a real whiff of Americana about it! Love these very crisp images :)