Sunday, 27 April 2014

Owl: Incorporating Photographs - A Very Tiny Video!

I apologise for the super small video. It's about the most my near dead laptop can handle at this point without going into meltdown. To briefly explain, I've been working on ways of bringing the photographs into the animation. I've had a couple issues which I felt I needed to resolve. 

The vignette serves two purposes and I'm hoping it's an elegant solution to a fairly dull problem. It hides the fact that the photographs do not conform to a 16:9 ratio, if it weren't to exist I'd have to crop the images. I'd rather not do this, because I've composed for the original aspect ratio and I don't want to lose too much data. However, in creating the vignette the way it is, as if looking through a telescope and not just a static 2D overlay, I think it creates a sense that the viewer is peering into the world of the animation from somewhere else. This gels up nicely with how I interpret the themes of the music.

The second issue was a lot more important to resolve. I had a go at using the photographs as they were, La Jetee style, but quickly found that it just looked like a PowerPoint presentation set to music. Applying some simple camera tilts in After Effects helped a little bit, but it still looked unconvincing for a high quality animation. A static match test went well but it doesn't hide the fact that it's still a flat image and zooming in wont ever convey a sense of spatial depth.

I had to find another way of tackling the issue. This is what I've come with so far. Essentially, the photographs will act as a matte background while things will animate in a 3D space in front of the photo. Thereby, I hope, creating a sense of depth and dynamism which is missing when it's just the photograph on it's own. What's nice about this method, is that I can also match CG elements onto the photograph before hand to create two layers of depth.