Monday, 21 April 2014

Owl: Animatic Version 1. Finding Structure and Narrative Through Editing.

As much I like spending time infrared-ing the great outdoors, I've also got a piece of time-based media to create at the same time. I've gone straight to an animatic stage because ultimately this is where I feel content is going to come from. I don't want the editing of the piece to be lovely but disparate images neatly placed together, I think the editing should tell and story and dictate the way the audience will engage with the images. As I currently don't have any final clips to work with, I've re-used the marker pen After Effects tests I created a few weeks back. If you weren't sick of seeing infrared photographs you're probably sick of the sight of those blimmin' marker pen sketches again but they'll have to do for the time being. Hopefully though, you can begin to see some small shoots emerging. Now that I have a base to work from, I can both continue to refine the hell out of this animatic and also think more clearly about the final visuals. Not all of it works at the moment (the opening doesn't feel correct in relation to the rest) and timings are bit out, but it's a good starting point to work from.


tutorphil said...

Hey Tom,

Really enjoyed this - particularly the 'flutter/shuffling' sequences - I'm reminded of that moment when a moth appears against the glass of a window at night, or when there's a moth caught inside a lampshade; there's just something a touch creepy about it. There's actually an 'Owl Moth' - see link - and somehow, your marker pen drawings are already so evocative of the creature's markings - maybe this is where the moth thing is coming from in my head: