Sunday, 9 March 2014

Owl: Explained

As briefly explained in my last post 99 Marker Pen Sketches, I've taken on the challenge of creating a brand new short film. For a while my animated work has certainly had a musical theme and this new piece will continue on from: The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Lifycycle of a Mushroom and La creation du monde where music and sound drove all aspects of the animation and design process. The film will accompany a track produced by the musical group Collectress. They're bringing out an album entitled Mondegreen to be released on March 24th.

"Described as a cross between the Elysian Quartet and possessed Brontë sisters teasing an unsuspecting dinner party (Foxy Digitalis), Collectress are a quartet of long-term musical collaborators from London and Brighton. Their music treads a joyful line between the intricate and organic, with a nod to everyone from Philip Glass to Bach to John Adams, improvisors like The Necks to lo-fi chamber groups such as Rachels. They play and write with a sense of narrative, drawing the listener into a thoroughly distinctive and beguiling world of experimental chamber music."

As you may have already worked out, the title of the track is Owl, and it's a moody, experimental and narrative driven piece with plenty of room for interesting visual interpretation. For an animator it's the perfect sort of music to be able to get stuck into because it offers nothing concrete and the potential directions are enormous. I won't upload the track itself until after the release date of the album and when I have an animatic of sorts ready to show. Until then, this brief description will have to satisfy: 

"Owl is about communication and miscommunication. The repeated call and answer speaks of an intensity of purpose, but also the sadness felt if one lingers in the forest too long: listening and calling out, listening and calling out, listening and calling out."

I'm taking a very speculative approach. The music doesn't give much away. My early thoughts are of a geometric and mundane world which becomes more elaborate, layered and organic as the music progresses and reaches it's conclusions. It's early days, so I'm looking forward to seeing what emerges.

Owl is one of a few potential collaborations I have in the works right now. Hopefully I will be able to update on those when the time comes.


tutorphil said...

Hey Tom, it gives me real pleasure to think of you working up some new animation - and this project looks like 'hand-in-glove' stuff in terms of your interest in b/w photography - love this thumbnail already! The PWTM beckons!