Sunday, 23 March 2014

Owl: Edit Test


As Mondegreen, the debut album from Collectress is launching today, I think it's a good time to finally have a listen to the music I've been working with so that it's easier to relate to the sketches and I've produced so far. If you're interested in the music, I do believe it's available to buy from here.

When working closely with music I find it's really important to get the music into some sort of visual form as quickly as possible. I generated a little bit of quickly made footage using the marker pen sketches so that I at least had something to work with. I should stress that at this point, the above video is in no way representative of the final direction of the animation. Things could change but right now I'm still just playing around and having a bit of fun.

This first edit test is simply about splicing together footage in a completely chaotic and unplanned fashion. As a piece of time-based media, it isn't really anything coherent or substantial but I find it very useful to see the music in this way. The music is very malleable. By that I mean there's plenty of moments you can use to cut between shots and sync up the action so that it could feel timed to the music, even if it wasn't entirely intended as such.  Another thing it reveals, is the need to break up the visual style across the five minutes. Some more robust editing will help break up the monotony but visually I think it will need to evolve and change across the duration of track to maintain the interest of the viewer.