Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Silver Gelatin Black and White Prints

One of my goals this year, was to build a decent sized portfolio for a potential solo exhibition at some point in the year. I'm not sure how far I'm going to get with that, but I at least wanted to get some prints done of my work to represent a satisfying end point. As I don't have a darkroom to do wet printing, I've stuck with the hybrid digital/analog workflow which is the best of both worlds. This means getting my black and white digital files printed onto true 100% sliver gelatin, black and white ILFORD photo paper.  They look really lovely, and a few of them are my first images where I've totally controlled the process from the start to finish. Making it all the more satisfying.

The print below didn't come out exactly as I planned (shadows too deep). If anyone wants it for free, it's up for grabs as I'm giving it away. It's the very first print of this image, so in the event I become super duper famous, it might be worth potential millions, or in a more likely scenario, a few pennies. I'll even sign and number it on the back as proof! Let me know. :-)