Saturday, 25 January 2014

Medium Format Photography: Night Test Shots

I'm slightly disappointed as these two photos were the only ones I could salvage from a set of negatives ruined by really bad digitisation. The scans are riddled with banding and horrendous compression making the photos totally unworkable. Sadly, the other images from the set shall remain out of sight. Third party inconveniences aren't entirely to blame admittedly, and even if I could re-scan them myself, I don't think there's much point in doing so. This was my first time semi-seriously taking photos at night with film. I expected the results to only really serve as lessons to be learnt from. There's some good photos to be taken, I just need to come back a bit more prepared.


Samantha said...

As someone who knows too little about photography to give helpful opinion, I can only say that photo number two is amazing! : D I like it a lot!

Tom Beg said...

Thanks! :)

These are pretty much the only two which aren't blurry or completely black. :/

tutorphil said...

Hey Tom,

Sorry to hear you've had a disappointing run; it's always heartbreaking when that canister of film - so ripe with potential - comes back with a mixed back. These two shots are very atmospheric, so get back out into the gloom of winter and bring us back something wonderful :)