Friday, 28 June 2013

Medium Format Photography: First Pictures!

You'll notice the new blog title. That's because I recently delved into the world of medium format camera's and 120 film. Essentially a medium format film will produce a much larger negative than the standard 35mm negative. This is means a MUCH higher quality image compared to 35mm.

It does come with it's drawbacks.  On a standard roll of 35mm you can squeeze up to 39 images onto a film, but on MF it's much less. I'm using the 645 standard (which is the smallest size offered by MF) which means I get 15 images per roll. If you decided to use 6x6, then you'd get 12. 6x7 would get you 10. I'm sticking to 645 because of the more images offered and the size of the cameras. 

Back in the day before digital was standard, good quality medium format camera's were hugely expensive and primarily used by professionals. Now you can get them for a snip of the price but the quality is still fantastic. Naturally, it's also more expensive to process and scan the films because of the bigger size. On the plus side, because you get less shots per roll, you have to be much more selective and think harder about the photos you're going to take. Resulting in better pictures all round.

Enough jabbering. The pictures below are from the first roll of black and white film. As much as I love 35mm, medium format blows it away!