Friday, 15 March 2013

ACT - CG Arts and Animation Project

For two weeks the students, staff and alumni of CG Arts and Animation at UCA Rochester have been working on generating content for an upcoming live orchestral performance. My role in the project will be helping to produce a 16 minute animation based on speed paintings, to accompany the performance. I'll roll out the details in due time as there will be much more to come on this project. For the time being however, I thought it best to just show off some of the fab artwork that's been produced, as that's what it's all about! The dedication to generate this content, even when project deadlines are tight is just one  of many reasons why CG Arts is home to my favourite people! :)

Here's but a very very small selection - I apologise to those who I've missed this time, but it would go on for pages and pages otherwise. More of the artwork produced will be on show in the future posts.

Included is a link to their respective blogs where you'll find current exciting works in progress: