Monday, 11 February 2013

35mm Photography: New Snaps

It's been a while since I last had a roll of film developed. It's felt like a long time anyway. These were taken a fair while back, but I never got round getting them processed after a problem with the developing machine at my usual place.. 

I've got a couple black and white rolls brewing (hopefully) at the Ilford Lab so if there's anything decent on those, then I'll be sure to upload them too. I've also added a rather lovely (and supposedly legendary) Olympus 35SP to my budding collection of vintage Olympus rangefinders and compacts. Expect some pictures from that camera soon.

Olympus 35RC and Kodak Gold 200

I'm not too sure what's caused these marvelous green smears but I quite like the effect

This picture is quite different to the ones I usually take. I like it's geometricity and hard lines.


tutorphil said...

yep - love that top image.