Saturday, 12 January 2013

35mm Photography: In the Fog, again.

Having been using different types of film for a while now, I've begun to develop a bit of an instinct for how different types of film perform under various conditions. For example, I know that Kodak Ultra Max 400, a cheap consumer film lends a pretty obnoxious blue tint and grain to everything when to exposed to anything other than it's ideal lighting conditions - which happens to be bright sunlight. This would be awful if I were in a situation where I was looking for reasonably accurate colour reproduction. For the most part it's pretty much unusable in English winter weather, where lovely bright sunlight is hard to come across.  It's not without it's uses however. When the fog descended yet again, I knew the lack of sunlight would in theory give the images a very cold horror film vibe, with a sickly blue tint smothering much of the image. I wasn't wrong. Of course I've given these images a slight nudge in Photoshop, but only in the contrast/levels department. The blue colour is in there straight from the scanned negative.