Thursday, 30 August 2012

LV21 Projection Mapping 'On the web'

My MA project has made it onto a few great websites. The world-wide web can be such a friendly place!


Flooby Nooby: 

Projection Freak:

Saturday, 25 August 2012

LV21: Projection Mapping - Video!

It's up! At last I can share some decent  video and just about round off this project on this blog. I've split the videos into four as I working on much longer longer version which will be projected medium scale on a wall for the final exhibition.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Online Portfolio! - or

My presence as a creative entity online is fairly wide-ranging but the one thing I've been missing is my own bespoke online portfolio to act as the go-to place for all my best work but also as a hub for my other social network endeavors. However, that gap exists no more! It's not quite finished yet (LV21 project needs updating) but I've been sitting on this for way too long so I'm throwing it out there for all to see. Without further ado I introduce my online portfolio:

Or, if you're feeling patriotic there's also:

Wow, choices. Actually, the is more for search engine reasons and it seemed wise to opt for both instead of one or the other. If you can find any issues then please report them to me since creating this website has been filled with all sorts of problems and there's bound to be issues with the people using different browsers and what not. For the record I think it's best viewed in Google Chrome, since it's the browser I made it in. Most likely Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera will throw up the most problems as I haven't tested those 100%.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Links to coverage of projection mapping

I've just found a few mentions of the projection on a couple Amateur radio websites. It's only brief but every bit of coverage, no matter how small goes towards my final assessment and it's fascinating to see the how far the project has reached. Of course, this doesn't include all the twitter and facebook activity which too will be included in my final promotional folder.

Another big score was the event being covered in a recent Arts Council Newsletter.

And lastly, it was also featured in last Friday's Medway Messenger (Page 10) publicity picture included...

Kent MA Show at UCA Canterbury Press Release

UCA have released the press release for the upcoming exhibition at UCA Canterbury. My projection mappings are mentioned as one of the highlights. I will be exhibiting video and pictures of the event, as well as my making of book. The MA show is usually great with lots of stimulating work on show and free wine on the opening night!

"The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) is opening its doors to the public for its annual Masters Degree Show. The next generation of artists, architects and designers will display their work in a free exhibition at UCA Canterbury from 7-12 September 2012."

Monday, 20 August 2012

Project Publication - Book finished!

A big part of the project brief is to professionally publish and promote your project so that it can have a extended life beyond it's time at university. After all, work can only be truly interesting if people know about it and can have access to it. With a short-lived event like mine, the need to have it archived and looking lovely for people to be able to see what I achieved over the two days is absolutely essential. My choice was to produce a book as the the project 'exists' all over the Internet in many forms anyway so creating a website feels slightly unnecessary and at this point and having the project exist in physical form will be beneficial. I've been working on it for a while now, producing it alongside everything else for the project. It's been hard work but it's finished and being processed now, ready in time for assessment in a couple weeks.

LV21 Projection Mapping - Finished!

After a very hot four days within the depths of LV21, the event is over and for just a few hours I can rest easy and take it all in - my last creative project as a UCA student. That's six full years of producing work as part of UCA! Everything has been packed up and transported from the boat, the projections now consigned to the history books.  I act like this is the end but of course it isn't. The hardest part of the project is now out of the way and I can now concentrate on giving the project an extended life in other forms. Obviously there are videos still to come, a Blurb book in the making, and all the assorted online portfolio's to update. As an added bonus, Phil Gomm one of the kingpin's of CG Arts and Animations shot some experimental long exposure photography of the projections. The results could really arty or really really arty (If you get my point!) but we'll have to wait and see. The next big day will be the final MA exhibition where I will be exhibiting in condensed video form. Keep an eye out for information about that.

You can't produce a project like this without a bit of help. I have to give thanks to Paivi and Gary for giving me the opportunity to work aboard LV21, please please go and support their project. LV21 is truly something special. Also many thanks to Charlotte for helping me line up rivets for two days and general support!  And of course, anyone who helped along the way and whoever took the time to come by to have a look at the work, the turnout was much better than I expected. The log book below is but a small ratio of people.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pictures from LV21

A successful day. These are the images I took of the projections. Many thanks for those who came by to have a look at the work, it's always good to see familiar faces! Video as soon as I clean up the footage and process it! Stay tuned. For anyone still interested the event is open again tomorrow from 10:30 till 4!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Final Project on Rochester People!

Some more press for the project!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Final Project: Animation Progress

Barring the adjustments to the projection map I have to make tomorrow and some on the real time perspective correction, two of the animations are nearing completion. I don't want to reveal too much naturally but I'd be unhappy not sharing anything as well. The base animaton for pretty all the projections is in place so currently I'm creating a bit of variation in the animations to help break up the monotony and keep everything dreamier and hypnotic...

The animations themselves aren't hugely complicated, mosty consisting of complimentary colours, recurring motifs and  overlays. Each mini-site projection is telling a different message about the boat. For example, one details some information about a tugship collision in a broken down Morse code form. The point of the animations isn't to create a party atmosphere like you'd usually get from projection mapping but rather for the audience to take some time and absorb and decipher the information for themselves. It needs bearing in mind that three of the projections are in close proximity to each other so I don't want to overload the senses with a bombardment of flashing and moving content.

Final Project on Design Week

Emily Gosling has written an article about my project on Design Week!

Getting ready for the show

We all like to see a bit of behind the scenes work in action. At the moment this action for the most part has seen me putting things in flightcases and wrapping up wires ready to be transported, but hey, I'd thought I'd share regardless More from the boat very soon!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Final Project on UCA Website

A little bit more promotion for the event. this time the marketing fellows at UCA have kindly put the details of the project onto their main website. Hopefully it will generate some buzz via their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Retweet and Share the link if you have accounts!

"A light projection technique made famous at Buckingham Palace during the Queen's Jubilee is being used on a decommissioned ship in Kent as part of a University for the Creative Arts (UCA) project."

Not long left now folks.

Final MA Project. August 18-19th @ LV21, Gillingham

The event is open to the public so feel free to come along! The full address is:

Gillingham Pier
Pier Approach Road
Kent ME7 1RX

For more information please visit:

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Final Project: Morse Code font

This makes things a lot easier! Everything seems to be correct and even the spacing between the letters is pretty accurate.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Final Projects: Projection Maps First Pass

About 50% there. The next step will be finding interesting ways to display and animate the Morse code messages and then a lot of refining to get the most out the animations.  I've attempted to make the 'base paint job' seem like the surface is always moving or at least has something to keep the overall pace strong and I've layered a texture on top to help break up the monotony of the flat colours.

I'm still undecided about some of the colour schemes, for example the main colour of the beacon is very similar to the prominent green in the structural map. Which brings the question whether I should unify the colour scheme or try to differentiate each section as much as possible. My personal preference is to have quite different looking sections but I'll have to test this out on the prep days.  One of the most satisfying things will be seeing these maps take shape within a 3D space and that's where I'll really be able to get a feel for what works and what doesn't. 


Final Project: Early Look at Projection 1

This is the nearly finished projection map for the first projection. I've mostly been working getting the recipe correct to establish an overall aesthetic for the projections. I'm intending to render out individual passes, so that any minor mistakes when replacing the projectors can be rectified on a case by case basis and so I don't have to go in and change the entire map. It's going to take me a couple days to get it all set up so the intention will be to have the rough map ready for the 16th. Which leaves me a week and a bit to finish the rest of the projections, which going by the pace I'm working at, is plenty enough time to see me through to completion. This is probably the most complicated map for individual sections and once this is done it should be straight forward to do the other ones.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Final Project: Q&A

As part of a bit of promotion for the project, I've just done a Q&A as part of CG Arts and Animations very popular 'Post With The Most'. PWTM gets sent out into the world through numerous networking channels with a number of industry professionals often dropping by to have a look at the work. The interview goes into detail about my time on the MA programme at UCA Rochester as well as my final project. Check it out here:

Friday, 3 August 2012

Final Project: Update. Colour Schemes.

Not an update in a while since I've been concentrating on some 'behind the scenes', mostly related to marketing and getting the project within the public attention and getting that organised so it's in an assessable form. Another challenge of this project is to remember that the projections are going to be assessed afterwards, so making sure I've archived everything so external examiners are able to fairly mark it is very important. A million people could turn up on the day but without any evidence of it's existence it would be all for naught. So far progress is good, I'm really going to ramp up promotion within the next week. Amongst my usual platforms of publicity, UCA themselves are being very helpful, and hopefully I'll be able to get full  support with a press release and social network promotion.

After my final tutorial is was noted each of the areas I decided to map were very different 'mini-sites' which could each lend themselves well to conveying different types of information. With this in mind, I've used a very useful colour scheme designer to create four unique palettes. My preference with projections is that the colour should really stand out. In an industrial environment like the boat, then bold choice of colour which contradicts the gloominess of the space really makes the projections pop.