Saturday, 22 December 2012

Vintage snaps circa-1960

Found these in an old family suitcase. A quick bit of research suggests the The 47th Annual Season of Plays took place at The Old Vic in 1960. The film used according to the negs was 'Kodak Safety Film' of which was the first line was discontinued in 1956, meaning it was probably taken on Kodak Verichrome Pan  127 film, which syncs up. It's funny how a lot of people in the digital-age of Iphones and Instagram would kill to achieve this aesthetic naturally, and yet people were doing it on the most rudimentary cameras and film.  The shot of the car could easily pass for a modern art photo if you ask me. Futhermore, the negatives are still completely intact. The wonders of film archiving. Let's see how those hard drives and CD's hold up after 50 years...