Saturday, 8 December 2012

35mm Photography: Almost Autumn Colours and Other Subject Matter

Some pictures testing out my freshly spruced up Praktica Super TL 1000. Luckily, finished repairs coincided with the end of Autumn, so I took it for test drive to see if my DIY repairs did the trick. The intention was to  capture all those lovely end of Summer colours. Sadly, most the lovely leaves I wanted to photo had shriveled up and died by the time the camera was ready to be used again, so I was left with the remaining scraps. Hence the 'Almost Autumn' in the post title. I also wanted to test out some low light photography indoors, even though the film I used wasn't totally suitable. The film used for all the Praktica images was Kodak Gold 200, which although cheap and a bit limited, creates some lovely warm and subtle colours. The camera might be a pain to use but the attached Pentacon lens produces some lovely images. Not bad for £15...


...and a few with the Olympus 35RC pictured above using Fujifilm 400.