Monday, 5 November 2012

Peer Gynt animation stills for Leeds Castle Fireworks Spooktacular (Clever Projections and STL Lighting)

For the past couple weeks I've been working on a 2:30 animation for Clever Projections and STL Lighting to be projected onto the side of Leeds Castle for their annual fireworks display. The animation is set to Edvard Grieg's orchestral piece In the Hall of the Mountain King from Ibsen's Peer Gynt. These are uncropped frames from the animation. The idea was to produce a narrative of sorts based on the idea of a great castle above the clouds as well to then pick up on on the pace and rhythm of the music. It's starts softly (hence the pink fluffy clouds!) and finishes with a bang (hence the bat swarm and lightning!).



tutorphil said...

Can't wait to see the footage!