Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Maya + 35mm Photography = ??? - Part I Black and White

As previously teased, I've been working on a series photographic experiments which involve somehow combining Maya/3D Animation with 35mm film photography. I've had a couple ideas on my mind for a while based on the photos taken of my LV21 project and have been looking for ways to begin exploring this process. The images below are the first results using a Canon 35mm SLR and Kodak BW400CN.

The idea is simple, as is it's execution. I've used long exposure to capture the trails of moving particles in an attempt to visualise the shapes which form when you let the computer take control after a number of 'forces' - which lend variation and randomness - have been applied to the movement.  These are controlled animations to an extent, as I'm the one who set up the parameters which define how they function, but ultimately, it's the software which then turns my inputs into animation. It's takes the majority of control away from the user which is exactly what I wanted. 

I could of produced an imitative effect digitally but I wanted to use film in order to allow it's properties to have an effect on the final image. At the point where the light of the image hits the camera lens, a lot of variables are then placed on the image which is exposed onto the negative - Lens build,  focal length, focus, aperture size, film speed and the unique qualities of the film (grain, colour, sharpness etc) will all have a distinct effect on the image which then gets taken out of the camera and developed and printed in a lab (again adding a further set of variable qualities) It's a process which takes away a lot of precise thinking and lets  an image emerge without a worry for minute technical details. Likewise, very little post-production has been used - only small contrast corrections and cropping. Here are the results: