Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Harlem Nocturne: First Animatic

As per my usual method of pre-production, I've sourced a lot of material online and attempedt to establish a rhythm and pace to music rather than work out the finer details. This has worked really well for me in the past with Dorian Gray and Lifecycle of a Mushroom, so rather than fix what isn't broke, just refine refine refine.

The track is Juan Garcia Esquivel's (aka Esquivel!) version of Harlem Nocturne, a piece of pure pop-candy music. Harlem Nocturne is one of the most covered pieces of Jazz music but this version by Esquivel! is absolutely brilliant and original. It instantly evokes classic cinema and this is the emotive basis to which im going to establish an animation and narrative.

The point of the 'narrative' isn't to build a strictly linear piece of storytelling. Rather it's a sequence of events and symbols which are intended to encourage the audience to piece together a story even if perhaps it doesn't necessarily exist. This will be accomplished using recurring motifs and classic cinematic conventions. All these elements lead the audience down an almost endless series of MacGuffin's. Not that I want the experience to be horrendously frustrating for an audience, as some sort of narrative can be pieced together, even if the sequence of events is obtuse.

The animatic is very rough at the moment. I have certain base elements in place but these will be open to all sorts of changes. At the moment I'm not so convinced the air of mystery continues to run through the animatic. The mysterious briefcase is probably not as an original idea as it could be. Everything is very much placeholder, so that's definitely under consideration. It's a first draft so more to come. 


tutorphil said...

Your such a dark horse, Tom. I really enjoyed this animatic - lots of pace, a sense of momentum, and great affection for its various sources too. It's like a love song to a particular mood - a 'tone poem' almost. In a way, it's got be a briefcase, right? It's the maguffin of maguffins - a sort of short-hand; it locates your intentions very much within an existing vocabulary. For me, I was awaiting the appearance of 'the broad' - it felt as if that sexual energy needed to be in earlier; there's always a suitcase and there's always a broad... This is great piece of music - very trashy; I don't know, but I kept thinking about that particular aesthetic that polaroid film gives - there's something a bit seedy about it, and while it's completely the wrong era, it might be worth you tracking down another fossil camera for a few experiments; I was also reminded very much while watching this of the work of Melanie Pullen:

tutorphil said...

sorry - *you're such a dark horse* - doh!