Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Monkey's Paw: It begins...again, with a rethink.

The last substantial update from this project was a professionally recorded voice-over and some exciting visual references. I've now finished and handed in everything MA-related it only makes sense to move on to new and exciting creative avenues.  I've gone through my head hundreds of times about where to take this project and I've decided once and for all to create another animated short. I've scoured the web and found some interesting and rather scratchy public domain music to create a suitably moody and ambient soundtrack, or at least give me an idea for the type of soundtrack I'd like to have. 

However as time has passed, I've begun to question the role of the voiceover and how to integrate it into the story. It could be that I've simply listened to it too many times and have become blind to it's possibilities but I've come to feel the story, with it's multiple characters and reliance on dialogue doesn't lend itself naturally to the type of animation I want to produce.  Besides,  the idea of producing another voice-over driven narrative when I pulled it off pretty well with The Picture of Dorian Gray (almost broken 25,000 views by the way!) doesn't quite excite me as it once did, at the time I was looking for something more traditional in the face of having to be very analytical about my work on the MA.

I'm inspired by this very short animation, which is an emotive reaction to narrative rather than a retelling of details. This sort of speculative and loose approach to narrative is something which opens a lot of doors to interesting CG and animation. Trying to 'retell' the 'The Monkey's Paw' just through visual motifs, sound and perhaps text could begin to take the project and my creative process into some interesting areas. 

Whatever develops, i'm not immnue to the realities that I'm likely going to have to balance this project with other commitments but this is something I've had to do many times before when making my previous projects so nothing I'm not used to. Time to begin again!