Monday, 3 September 2012

MA Design for Performance and Events. Signing off!

I've tried for a while to think of a dramatic way to finish off a years worth of work and study, but I've probably said all that needs to be said. Everything's handed in, assessments have taken place, only a possible meeting with the external examiner and exhibition are left. There just aren't any more updates to make! In a couple weeks I should have a shiny new MA to go with my still shiny BA! Hurrah! 

A final word then.  Studying an MA is a long old year since it requires you to always look over your work with a microscopic lens throughout, and the summer months are particuarly fraught with distraction and temptation (Euro 2012 , Wimbledon AND the Olympics!) but at the end of the day, the work you create is probably the most ambitious, interesting and unexpected you've ever produced. Who would of thought I'd be projection mapping in the bowels of a lighship this time last year, but that's what happened and in some strange way, it couldn't of seemed more inevitable. It's a very satisfying period of creativity and something I'd recommend particularly as the modern world  now demands just that little bit more from it's university graduates.

And with that I bring down the curtain on six years of studying at UCA (six!). I'll be moving straight into a new  project - no point hanging around - and of course the inevitable quest to forge out a career in this strange, unfamiliar world I now step out into after the relative safety of university. Stay tuned.

P.S The Kent UCA MA Exhibition opens this Friday (the 7th) until the the 12th of September. Feel free to drop by and see the work at UCA Canterbury!


Liam Scarlino said...

It looks fantastic Tom! Good luck for the next step! x

tutorphil said...

congrats Tom - see you on Friday :)

Tom Beg said...

Thanks you two :-)