Friday, 24 August 2012

Online Portfolio! - or

My presence as a creative entity online is fairly wide-ranging but the one thing I've been missing is my own bespoke online portfolio to act as the go-to place for all my best work but also as a hub for my other social network endeavors. However, that gap exists no more! It's not quite finished yet (LV21 project needs updating) but I've been sitting on this for way too long so I'm throwing it out there for all to see. Without further ado I introduce my online portfolio:

Or, if you're feeling patriotic there's also:

Wow, choices. Actually, the is more for search engine reasons and it seemed wise to opt for both instead of one or the other. If you can find any issues then please report them to me since creating this website has been filled with all sorts of problems and there's bound to be issues with the people using different browsers and what not. For the record I think it's best viewed in Google Chrome, since it's the browser I made it in. Most likely Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera will throw up the most problems as I haven't tested those 100%.