Monday, 20 August 2012

LV21 Projection Mapping - Finished!

After a very hot four days within the depths of LV21, the event is over and for just a few hours I can rest easy and take it all in - my last creative project as a UCA student. That's six full years of producing work as part of UCA! Everything has been packed up and transported from the boat, the projections now consigned to the history books.  I act like this is the end but of course it isn't. The hardest part of the project is now out of the way and I can now concentrate on giving the project an extended life in other forms. Obviously there are videos still to come, a Blurb book in the making, and all the assorted online portfolio's to update. As an added bonus, Phil Gomm one of the kingpin's of CG Arts and Animations shot some experimental long exposure photography of the projections. The results could really arty or really really arty (If you get my point!) but we'll have to wait and see. The next big day will be the final MA exhibition where I will be exhibiting in condensed video form. Keep an eye out for information about that.

You can't produce a project like this without a bit of help. I have to give thanks to Paivi and Gary for giving me the opportunity to work aboard LV21, please please go and support their project. LV21 is truly something special. Also many thanks to Charlotte for helping me line up rivets for two days and general support!  And of course, anyone who helped along the way and whoever took the time to come by to have a look at the work, the turnout was much better than I expected. The log book below is but a small ratio of people.


tutorphil said...

Congratulations, Tom! Looking forward to all the archive material coming together now. I sent the 35mm film off to London this morning, which should mean I have it back by Wednesday of next week. I'll let you know. See you soon!

Tom Beg said...

Thanks, Phil. Should be interesting in any case. I've added a few more pictures to post below if you have any use for them.

Charlotte said...

'and suffered a fit of constant sneezing because of it' :p.