Friday, 3 August 2012

Final Project: Update. Colour Schemes.

Not an update in a while since I've been concentrating on some 'behind the scenes', mostly related to marketing and getting the project within the public attention and getting that organised so it's in an assessable form. Another challenge of this project is to remember that the projections are going to be assessed afterwards, so making sure I've archived everything so external examiners are able to fairly mark it is very important. A million people could turn up on the day but without any evidence of it's existence it would be all for naught. So far progress is good, I'm really going to ramp up promotion within the next week. Amongst my usual platforms of publicity, UCA themselves are being very helpful, and hopefully I'll be able to get full  support with a press release and social network promotion.

After my final tutorial is was noted each of the areas I decided to map were very different 'mini-sites' which could each lend themselves well to conveying different types of information. With this in mind, I've used a very useful colour scheme designer to create four unique palettes. My preference with projections is that the colour should really stand out. In an industrial environment like the boat, then bold choice of colour which contradicts the gloominess of the space really makes the projections pop.