Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Final Project: Animation Progress

Barring the adjustments to the projection map I have to make tomorrow and some on the real time perspective correction, two of the animations are nearing completion. I don't want to reveal too much naturally but I'd be unhappy not sharing anything as well. The base animaton for pretty all the projections is in place so currently I'm creating a bit of variation in the animations to help break up the monotony and keep everything dreamier and hypnotic...

The animations themselves aren't hugely complicated, mosty consisting of complimentary colours, recurring motifs and  overlays. Each mini-site projection is telling a different message about the boat. For example, one details some information about a tugship collision in a broken down Morse code form. The point of the animations isn't to create a party atmosphere like you'd usually get from projection mapping but rather for the audience to take some time and absorb and decipher the information for themselves. It needs bearing in mind that three of the projections are in close proximity to each other so I don't want to overload the senses with a bombardment of flashing and moving content.