Friday, 6 July 2012

Final Project: Technical Specifications

Here's what the setup on LV21 is going to consist of -

A projector of course - an Optoma HD. A very balanced projector in terms of price, quality and functionality. Not quite as kitted out as more expensive models but it does a good job provided the surface your projecting onto is suitable - matte white surfaces are perfect, whereas reflective materials just bounce the light straight back. As you can see the back of the projector can handle a wide variety of inputs but i'll only be using one.

Media box - With this I can't run content through a VJ-ing software such as Resolume but I'm going to be running the projections over two days and throughout  a number of spaces - I need something low maintenance and efficient. Content is placed onto a SD card or memory stick and a HDMI lead feeds crisp HD content into the projector. The box is absolutely minuscule and will be extremely easy to hide.The only downside of the box itself, is it requires its own power supply and remote to control but clearly not a huge issue.

Sound isn't a problem for a couple reasons. The boat has it's own ambience and the Morse code being signalled resonates throughout the boat. In any case it's a technical issue that can be easily be overcome but one I'm not going to focus on, visuals are my main priority.


Simon Holland said...

Hi again Tom,

an interesting technique I saw recently was a feed back loop using the built in camera and mics built into iMacs 4 macs in each corner of a room give a really pleasing result.