Thursday, 5 July 2012

Final Project: Progress update and Jorge and Lucy Orta. Lightworks.

The project is going into overdrive now. New and better equipment is on its way - HD DLP projectors from Optoma - not exactly industrial strength but for the niche I'm working my way into they will prove more than capable and I'm not keen on blowing my entire budget on a single projector. Mapping the inside of the boat begins next week and my plan is to make multiple maps from different positions, so that I should the interior of the boat change, I'm well prepared for such and event. From this point out it's all about production and getting my project 'out there' (as essay is also due but the subject is all about this project). LV21 are assisting in marketing the project using their various channels. Although the project is local, the potential reach is worldwide and I'll be documenting the event so the project will continue to live long after the weekend itself.

Moving on to something more visual - Jorge and Lucy Orta aka Studio Orta they use 'light cannon's' (I want one of those!) to project massive hieroglyphs onto mountains from up to 1km away. A great combination of location, process and execution.


Simon Holland said...

Hi Tom,
if you haven't seen this then it well worth checking out.

Not relevant for this post but for your previous one. Léon Spilliaert shares a lot of characteristics with German Expressionism. When I look at his work I am brought to mind of Film Noir. The DNA of symbolism runs deep throughout the early part of the 20th century.
One thing I love about Spilliaert's work are his use of null spaces, the poignant emptiness within his environment is particularly moving.

Back on topic with this post I love the totemism of the first few images, I feel the cathedral projection is much less successful I find the tribalesque swirls jarring with the uniformity of the architecture, maybe this was the intention. The 1st projection that you show reminds me of the prehistoric cave paintings of Altamira, the Chauvet cave, Australian aboriginal art and the vast land carvings that are found in the deserts of Peru. Maybe it is a little New Age Hippyish reminiscent of the Burning Man festival at The Black Rock Desert, but hey I like it.

Tom Beg said...

Thanks, Simon. Good shouts :-)