Saturday, 9 June 2012

Final Project: Location hunt, Margate.

In my project proposal I suggested that the Kent coastal towns could provide the venue for my event.: Why? Mostly because along with the interesting architecture, the coastal towns are coupled with varied a social and economic environment. You can look towards monstrous high rise building while standing in the doorway of a quirky museum or gallery eating cockles and whelks. My first venture has taken me to Margate.

In recent times, Margate has undergone a  rejuvenation of sorts, with The Turner Contemporary becoming something of a UK arts cultural icon. The town is now being rebuilt up around the Turner and while pretty much every other shop on the main High Street is boarded up and empty, the seafront and back alley shops are thriving. Margate should become a fascinating prospect in the next few years. 

Unfortunately for the time being, I've come away without a venue. While it's home to a  number of easily accessible gallery spaces and venues, the spaces just weren't interesting enough to build a projection series around.  The most suitable venue, a  gallery called The Pie Factory (it used to be a place where pork pies were made!) has frustratingly been booked out the entire Summer. Which is a shame, because as a space it's pretty much exactly what I have been looking for. There's still a couple places left that I was unable to view,  an old  print works converted into a couple galleries, but for the time being I'm pushing Margate to the back of my mind, and concentrating on other locations.