Thursday, 14 June 2012

Final Project: Location hunt, LV21

In some ways the perception I had of Margate being a town 'on the edge' seemed slightly misguided, though I didn't look at every corner, the arts culture in Margate seemed established to the point of banality . I may be wrong of course, but for all its economic woes, Margate is a safe bet. The is easily evidenced by the fact that most of the very standard looking gallery/exhibition spaces were well and truly booked out for months.

I've decided to look a little closer to home, and in my search I've come across a rather interesting venue. A big, red, converted Light Vessel called LV21 - currently residing at Gillingham Pier. At some point in it's life it guided boats in busy shipping channels, but now, it's a privately owned space which has been host to wide range of public events. I don't want to go into too much detail, but at this point, LV21 is a promising prospect and it's space I'm most excited about. I hope to go into a bit more detail about what could happen here but a little more solidity is needed before that. So until then, the search continues.