Thursday, 14 June 2012

Final Project: Location hunt, Creek Creative

Another interesting prospect. Creek Creative in Faversham is a fairly established venue. And though not my ideal style of location there's no reason why I couldn't create content to fit the needs of a space I may not usually approach. Creek is slightly different to your typical gallery because some semblance of it's original  purpose still remains, particularly in the architectural features. At one point it was a part of the Town Brewery (Faversham is famous for two things - Beer and Gunpowder - a lethal combination) but later functioned as a Joiner's workshop - I have a habit of liking these. Unfortunately, the part of the building I'm most interested in is being renovated and is now off-bounds - a health and safety nightmare, for which as a student I already feel like I've had to fill too many of those pesky forms. Despite this - the upstairs remains a viable option and one with a lot of potential for a certain type of work.