Friday, 11 May 2012

The Monkey's Paw: More Visual Reference

My recent workload has been quite full on - pulling together MA work ready for final assessment next week,  producing a set of graphical prints while I still have access to the university printing facilities, and GTA'ing  at UCA (by that I don't mean stealing cars), buiser than usual because  everyone on CG Arts and Animation is closing in on their final deadlines for the year.  I just haven't had the time to sit down with this project and really get to grips with the script and visual design. Thankfully, after this Semester finishes there will be a bit of spare time to get this animation moving forward again.

In spite of this, I haven't stopped thinking about The Monkey's Paw,  and I'm always keeping a look out for art and films which can provide inspiration. Recently, I've been conisdering the use of negative space and minimalist environment as the driving force behind the visual style. As a one man studio with only limted resources, CG has it's obvious limitations and I strongly feel that trying to distance my work from it's CG-nass is the way forward - for me at least. With this in mind, ceating a dynamic and interesting space from 'nothing' is a method of storytelling which really fascinates me. Which as I've come to think about, is the driving force of my MA projection work too. A couple great animations below: