Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Project Development: Projection Mapping at Chatham Dockyard

I've spent the day at The Joiners Shop in Chatham Dockyard, creating the Projection Maps nice and early so that I have plenty of time to produce necessary content. This final mini project is pretty similar to last two but will contextualise the projection more so than before. I will be taking into the account the meaning of the location itself so that the content logically fits within the space and feels suitably 'expected'.

The odd variety of shapes carved into the wall bring up some interesting mapping challenges too. The various lines you can see help me visualise how perspective is distorting the projection, meaning I can go in later and  these lines give me an idea of how to compensate for said distortion in After Effects and so on.  It would be ideal if i could project straight on rather than putting a projector at an angle, but The Joiners Shop corridors are a busy place! Besides, it will a useful skill to practice. I'll post the maps themselves when I've tided them up a little.

I'm still working small scale, but in theory I shouldn't have a problem moving up in size because the method I used to create these could easily be applied something larger. This will become apparent when I begin work on my final project.