Sunday, 11 March 2012

On the hunt...

As you can probably tell with all the small tests i'm producing, I'm getting itchy feet. I finished The Lifecycle of a Mushroom nearly four months ago, and haven't undertaken anything major since, as the first semester of my MA was taking up a lot of time. Now, I feel I can successfully manage an extra project without it being to the detriment to my others. 

The aim with this new animation would be to have pre-production finished and the animation into production by the start of September. Meaning when I finish my current course of study I can work away on it while I'm hungry and unemployed!

I have two choices, create my own narrative OR find an existing one. The latter is still the best option for me right now.  I'm looking specifically for texts which exist within the public domain so I can submit to festivals and such without the need to get or pay for clearance, same would go for everything else. Thankfully, the world of Public Domain text is so rich with content, that I could feasibly never have to use copyrighted text for the rest of my life. I'm looking into a couple authors already...  

More information shortly!