Monday, 30 January 2012

Project Development Unit

The next 15 weeks for me are all about the development of my final project. Within these 15 weeks, I will be working 3 mini projects/deadlines  which I will use to test out my ideas. On top of this I will also be continuing my research for an essay later on in the semester.  My final outcome is going to be an event which focuses on the key idea of 'spectacle' I want to use digital technologies to find a way for an audience to react more consciously with what they are witnessing.

A while back I was pointed in the direction of 'Atelier Bruckner' a company specialising in creating scenography for a wide variety of events and cultural spaces. The purpose of their work is "Translating contents in an exciting way, allowing atmospheres to develop, evoking spatial images that arise from theatrical concepts, leading the visitor along a constant line to the center of a specific story: that is the dimension of scenography" . It's lovely stuff and their works sits within the ethos where I want to position myself as an artist, director and designer . Intelligent, engaging and spectacular. Ok - they're able to work with budgets larger than mine but I can at least apply their philiosophy of design to my own work.

 Having had a short discussion with Pete Wallace of Butch Auntie about the viability of using projectors it's clear that I need to sort out a location as soon as possible, that way I can map the placement of projectors and work out an affordable budget for the event. Depending on discussions that's probably next...