Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Project Development: Project 1

I've been given the go ahead to work on the first mini-project of this unit. At this very early stage the basic idea revolves around transforming regular objects of culture into something spectacular via the use of digital technologies.

The idea comes from the Situationist International group - a group of European radicals working in the 1950's and 1960's - and their concept of Détournement. This quote from Spectacle by David Rockwell provides a rather gentrified and simplistic definition "The agitators [Situationist International] were concerned with liberating signs from context and creating juxtapositions that subverted original meanings" Ok- their ideas were MUCH more complicated than that! There probably isn't one all purpose definition than can explain exactly what the Situationists were trying to do and say with Détournement - but the basic idea provides a decent place to start.  The nuances and a deeper explanation will come later, right now i'm in a practical frame of mind.

My idea then - for example: can a plastic chair be transformed via projection and sound to perform a monologue from Macbeth? So can digital technology transform objects of everyday use into works of art or poetry? Some examples below of the small scale projection i'll be working towards.