Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sketch Designs for performance of Aguas da Amazonia

The presentation and sketches I drew up to help explain my idea for a performance of Philip Glass and UAKTI's, Aguas da Amazonia. A criticism was the danger of these crossing the line towards Disneyland kitcsh which is a fair comment I think. Obviously if this was a much longer project then these would be a great starting point. From here I would begin to deconstruct these structures and move them away from the literal representation I've going on right now. Overall, a reasonably successful outcome.

This is the last project in the Creative Practice unit, so from here on out it's all about the development of my main project. It's going to be really exciting methinks. The first semester has been a really enjoyable: challenging projects, a great lecture series, friendly people (students and tutors alike) and genuinely interesting new experiences and cultural nuggets for me to digest. Onwards then!

Presentation 1