Saturday, 12 November 2011

Creative Practice: Event Video!

I've put together a very quick and rough edit of some footage I took of the various parts of the event at Fort Amherst on Thursday. It was hard work putting it all up. The fort is extremely dusty, unventilated, and at about 5pm it starts to get extremely damp and cold. Overall the event was a reasonable success, quite a few people turned up and the installations looked quite striking once we'd cleared the tunnels and turned the lights off. Even though it may of needed a couple more weeks to cook - it was a very short project after all- for a first time organising one of these events, hiring a location, hiring equipment and bringing together props. I'd say we did a pretty good job.

I apologise for being the worst camera man ever( I'll stick to Maya cameras for the time being, or hire someone else) my excuse is that it's 'avante garde'Dogme 95 stlye filmmaking or...something...


tutorphil said...

thing is though, it just reads as very 'arty' - no apologies required!