Monday, 18 July 2011

Spectacular Sciences!

After a bit of time out to recover from New Designers I'm ready to start all over again! Really these past couple weeks have been the first of my summer holidays as I continued working on various things after the Major project finished at the university in the lead up to New Designers. Which was as a predicted an endurance test but very rewarding. Some exciting things have come of it and here's hoping to some interesting follow ups in the near future.

Following graduation - I am now officially an alumni of CG Arts and Animation. I've used last week to suitably rejuvenate myself but now I'm ready to begin an exciting new project! Which is a collaboration between the University of the Creative Arts and the University of Kent involving myself and 3 other CGAA graduates. We've been tasked with creating 4 separate bio-science themed animations aimed at various aundiences. I've been handed 'The Lifecycle of a Mushroom' with goal of creating an animation with 'undergraduates' in mind. Exciting times. I'll be updating this blog reguarly with project work but we also have a collective group blog which is worth checking out: