Thursday, 23 June 2011


Final marks are in and at last official confirmation that I'll be able to study on the Masters in Performance and Event next year. Another year of education yet to come but perhaps the one I most excited for.

Rochester degree show tonight, New Designers and then Graduation. I'll sign off CG Arts and Animation with a lovely animation I've come across on Vimeo called 'Sayonara'. It's about finishing about finishing a degree, having to leave behind a lot of a great things but then zooming off into the sunset for adventures anew.

It perfectly sums up the end of my three years experience on a degree and it's all contained within a beautiful mixed media aesthetic.

'Making of'


tutorphil said...

Hey Tom,

I didn't even see you tonight :( I got stuck talking to colleagues. I assure you that ND private view will be slightly more 'populated'!

I'll have a watch of this animation a little later, but now I need to crash. incidentally, have had word that artwork is all set-up and ready to roll...

Tom Beg said...

No problem, Phil.

Though the volume of Dorian Gray was a bit low! Who would of thought. My own film with sound issues in Lecture Theatre 1 haha.

tutorphil said...

ha ha! I actually turned the volume up on the whole show to bring Dorian's voice track up and out, but Zack's soundtrack was/is incredibly loud; also, Lecture Theatre 1 ALWAYS buries dialogue if there's music too. Sigh - and yes, the irony - soooo, overall grade was...?

Tom Beg said...


tutorphil said...


and well deserved!