Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Major Project: Quick Update

Week 13 and things are progressing pretty smoothly, going over my soundtrack, there isn't too much difficult CG left to produce, mostly reusing assets and adjusting textures, lighting and animation. Today I'll be working on the 18 second Saul Bass style sequence which will mostly be made up of 2D After Effects animation. Tomorrow is about finalising the scenes following Sibyl's death. While Thursday and Friday I can concentrate on the scenes leading up the to the murder of Basil. Amazingly, If I can hit each of these target then that would take me up to about 6 minutes and 46 seconds of animation complete by the weekend.


tutorphil said...

Good stuff, Tom :D I look forward to seeing some updates etc. I know you're going to be wary about showing any new stuff - because of the inevitable tweak feedback, but as soon as you're able, be brave and put the sequences together so we can assess - from an entirely practical POV - how it's playing out as 'film'. Keep hitting those targets.