Thursday, 5 May 2011

Major Project: Quick Update

Not much activity on the blog recently but progression is pretty smooth after a productive couple of days:

  • Basil's table is rendering.
  • The wilting rose sequence has been changed and rendered.
  • The shot of the portrait 'listening' to Dorian is done.
  • I'm just applying the finishing touches to the scene where Dorian 'goes in search of adventure' and finds the theatre which is the flipbook style sequence. Working well.
Basically the opening 2 and a half minutes are 90% there. My goal was the first 4 minutes for Monday morning, I'm steadily making my way there, so if I keep going I might just about hit that target.

I say four minutes because after that there's nearly another minute and a half of animation already complete and ready to go. So getting to four minutes essentially gets me to 5 and half minutes.