Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Major Project: NEW DRAFT EDIT

Not too many changes as I need to render the sequence towards the end which will be the rose petals blowing away as the music fades out.


tutorphil said...

Hey Tom :D It's a stronger experience each time you refine it; you must be getting excited now (and tired!).

I don't know if this is a scene you've got in the can - if so, great - but if you WERE looking to make a cut, you could go straight from 'you're nothing to me now' to 'Dorian left the theatre' - so straight to the falling locket - anyway, this might be too late.

The colour at the end doesn't just work - it really works; goosebump stuff! :D

tutorphil said...

... on 'the expression looked different' bit, could you, once again, very gradually reduce the vignette around the face, to focus our attention on it - and further create the sense of gathering darkness.

I'm just really looking forward to seeing the opium den stuff and the murder - and that final scene with the rose petals dispersing.

Go, Tom - keep it coming :D

tutorphil said...

saw this - thought of you!