Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dissertation mark!

68%! Not bad! Considering, I wrote it alongside producing my Minor Project which did very well. If you combine the two then it averages at 74% which sets me up nicely.

Not coming from an high achieving academic background whatsover, I think I should should be pretty happy with it and hopefully with opportunities further down the line I can keep pushing and learning the writing/academic side of things.

Not quite sure where that leaves in terms of what I need for the Major as I struggle to understand the credit system but now that 3 month waiting monkey is off my back time to finish off this 8 minute Dorian Gray animation.


tutorphil said...

Well done, Tom! :D :D :D Great stuff. You should feel rightly proud of yourself. Congratulations. Now, use this renewed enthusiasm and peace-of-mind to truly pull something extraordinary out of the hat. Do whatever it takes.