Thursday, 14 April 2011

Major Project: Wilting Rose animation

This won't be the final animation but it does feel quite nice to overcome a technical challenge like this right before I go away. The past couple days I've been feeling slightly down as I've been unable to visualize a couple scenes, thanks to a complete lack of available reference material. So this is a fair confidence boost at the end of a somewhat difficult week.


tutorphil said...

hey Tom - I guessed you were feeling low, so I'm pleased you're pleased. You've been struggling I guess to find the energy and motivation to correct the small little details and to keep going 'back in' to tweak. Perfectly understandable. I suppose, even though I sympathise, I've got to keep offering up feedback - so here I go again... I assume you're able to tweak paint effects stuff? It just seems that the pointy petals of the flower don't seem rose-like enough - they're more chrysanthemum or dahlia. Can you manipulate what you make in paint effects, rounding out the petals etc? And can you give the petals greater thickness?

In post, I'd also try just slowing the footage down, by way of a test, to create something a tiny bit dreamier and soft-focus - oh, and that's the other thing to consider - the ability to soften out the focus around the image as a vignette - basically, old-fashioned b/w filmic conventions.

tutorphil said...

I wasn't sure if you were struggling to find useful stuff for the theatre scenes?

and obviously, check out the dressing room scenes from Moulin Rouge (Satine's dressing room etc.) and also the BBC adaptation of Tipping the Velvet