Monday, 25 April 2011

Major Project: What's the situation?

And so starts my last official 5 weeks on CG Arts and Animation with mixed feelings obviously! I've been away for a week, desperately trying not drown in Scottish Lochs before I'm able to finish my 8 minute adaptation of Dorian Gray.

Though unable to produce any meaningful work, I was able to timetable my next five weeks. Roughly there's still 3 weeks of CG time left (which includes some spillover). With about 2 and a half minutes complete, and quite a bit of reasonably easy content left to produce, I'm feeling fairly confident.

In truth (and not to take a defeatist attitude) I understand that there are other deadlines further down the road, and it's my goal to make the CG absolutely sing and use to 2D sequences to round off and totalise the overall experience in time for the May 27th deadline, even if the animation isn't quite resolved for this time.

Next task (to get back into the swing of things with Maya) is to resolve a couple of sequences that I left on the cusp on completion before Easter.


Ruben Martins said...

Hi Tom, Good luck ! for the final weeks, Cant wait to see this adaptation!

tutorphil said...

Hi Tom - I'm at Uni tomorrow (Tuesday) from 10am onwards. I've got some New Designers paperwork to do etc. If it's useful to you, I'll be there all day. Why not come in and make use of some machines...